Mixing Pump Group for Radiator heating system S1104

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Thermostatic Mixing Pump Station for underfloor hearting system



In the underfloor heating system, water supply temperature is adjusted with the change of the thermal load of underfloor and outdoor temperature. When the thermostatic mixing pump station receives the temperature signal, 3-way mixing valve with electrical actuator will automatically open to to keep temperature constant. It is confortable and energy-saving.  

Technical Data
Connection Size G1"F
Distance 125mm
Max. Working Temperature 100℃
Max. Working Pressure 10bar
Tempreature gauge Range 0℃~120℃


Wilo RS25/6

Grundfos 25-65 130
pump head 6m
Temperature≤ 110℃
Pressure ≤ 10 bar
Power  AC 230V,50Hz

Electric Actuator

Power: 230VAC/50Hz

Power consumption: 3,5VA
Protection class (in accordance with EN-60335-1): II
Enclosure rating (in accordance with IEC60529):IP44
In accordance with: EMC directive: 2004/108/EEC,
LV Directive: 2006/95/EEC, PAH directive:2005/69/EEC
Ambient temperature: 0…55°C
Humidity: RH 0%...80% (non condensed)
Storage temperature: -10…+70°C
Connection cord: 3x0.5mm2, L=2m
Position indication: on actuator cover
Possibility of manual control: yes
Pre-formed shell insulation Material EPP 

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