3-way motorized valve S6001

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3-way motorized  valve


Apply to regulate the percentage of hot and cold in the heating system, achieve the goal of control room temperature

Technical data

G3/4"F  &  G1"F
Working Temperature
105 ℃
Working Pressure
Electric Actuator
Supply voltage: 230VAC/50Hz
Power consumption: 3,5VA
Protection class (in accordance with EN-60335-1): II
Enclosure rating (in accordance with IEC60529):IP44
In accordance with: EMC directive: 2004/108/EEC,
LV Directive: 2006/95/EEC, PAH directive:2005/69/EEC
Ambient temperature: 0…55°C
Humidity: RH 0%...80% (non condensed)
Storage temperature: -10…+70°C
Connection cord: 3x0.5mm2, L=2m
Position indication: on actuator cover
Possibility of manual control: yes

Product size

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